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Industry 4.0


What makes us unique in the market?

We are doing mathematical research and developing new and highly specialized solutions to the problems. We have created many innovations with over 90 new mathematical models that work together during the optimization process at different part of the data analysis giving solid answers for the future. We shape all this to our customer’s needs entirely because every workflow of every business is different. We provide extreme flexibility.

Why is research needed?

Because the available solutions in academia and industry are not good enough. The machine learning algorithms are available since 1945, 1960 and 1995 and they are not good enough for inventory planning because they cannot find the right relationships in sales data. It is too sparse with too high variance vertically and horizontally. And the available statistical methods are not sophisticated enough to either take everything into account or give precise enough answers.

Why do we target global optimum instead of a local one?

Every aspect of the company’s workflow matters. How the capital fluctuates, how the delivery times change, how the demand for the different groups of goods change and what current limitations exist. All of these must be considered.

How do we do it?

Complex polynomial and exponential equations work together with integrals and sophisticated statistical processes with new kind of machine learning algorithms specialized deeply to this very area. We replaced every part of the logistic workflow with better constructed, more robust and more efficient solutions. We kept fine-tuning the mathematical theories of every part of the decision process until we maximized the possibilities and the results. 

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